I read on a forum that pinstripes were in, the mark of a true off-roader. I don't always believe everything I read online; this was one of those times. How do you buy a brand new thirty thousand dollar truck and scratch the entire thing up and be ok with it?! Enter GOAT Truck Armor and its creator Matt Uhart. The idea is simple, sheets of magnets with various designs printed on them and then cut to fit perfectly on your vehicle like a puzzle. Simple yet beautifully executed because trust me, it wouldn't be hard to screw this up. 


You can choose to have the GOAT armor logos removed. I opted to leave them on to help promote the product.


Once on the GOAT Truck Armor website, there are tons of designs already made for both 4Runners, Tacomas and FJ's. Fast forward about three weeks later (one of which was me trying to pick my designs), and at my front door was a sixty-pound, five-foot-tall tube. Like a kid on Christmas, I ripped it apart and started unrolling the giant sheets of magnets, all the while my face was hurting from smiling so much.


As you can see it's a giant puzzle!


So let's talk about install, because it's easy enough, and just as easy to screw up later down the road. Prep work is how you avoid any significant issues, so I followed GOAT's instructions and washed my truck very throughly. Washing is a crucial part of the install process because it's going to help protect the clear coat on your vehicle from any dirt that may get behind the magnets while acting like an absolute hooligan. GOAT takes it a step further and makes putting the pieces together idiot-proof by labeling each section if you don't know your passenger side fender from your driver's side fender (in which case you shouldn't be driving). One hour later, it was on, and my truck was transformed.

Well, lets fast forward again about five months, five glorious months with GOAT truck armor. Let's break down this into four categories; Quality, Durability, Head-Turning, and Practicality.


  • I would easily give the quality of GOAT Truck Armor five out of five stars. The printing of the designs is spot on, and the designs carry over from one piece to another, so it appears to be one seamless piece and design. 


  • Let's continue with the five out of five stars for durability. I beat the hell out of this armor on branches over five months, and not once has it come off the truck. When purchasing you can choose between a gloss or matte finish, I picked a matte finish to hide the scratches (consider it when buying yours). Additionally, in Mexico, I took the truck up to over one hundred miles per hour, and not one piece came off. It's all part of the testing process.


  • Does the product turn heads? Ha, that's not even a test, of course, it does. GOAT truck armor will take any heavily modified truck or SUV to a whole other level transforming it into a new rig. Five out of five again!


  • As far as practicality goes, you cannot get more practical; so its five out of five. It protects your rig from damage and still lets you have fun while not taking much time to apply. I timed myself, thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off, so it's convenient for weekend wheeling use.


I'm sure there are some of you wondering, "C'mon broski, there had to be something wrong," and sure there was one thing. The only issue I encountered was that the piece for my tailgate did not have a cut out for my 4x4 emblem, and on two of the doors, I had to make a few trims for the perfect fit. 

These are the only sections I needed to trim. Pretty easy and straight forward.

This problem was quickly solved with a box cutter and two minutes of patience (which is usually all the patience I have). I do not believe that one oversight is enough to make any difference in my final rating, but in the spirit of full disclosure, there it is.

Update 7/15/20 - Upon speaking with Matt, the lack of cut out on the tailgate is actually intentional. This is due to the variations in the placement of badging by Toyota and the badging across models. Makes sense!




So if you are looking for a product that ticks all of the most important boxes, quality, durability, head-turning, and practicality, well GOAT Truck Armor is the product for you. If you're hesitant about the price at all, remember that two details a year will cost the same as buying GOAT Truck Armor once. I want to say that's what sold me; however, it wasn't, I just like cool shit.


Check out their website https://goat-truckarmor.com/

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