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Rugged Radios GMR25 Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio

Rugged Radios GMR25 Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio

Rugged Radios®
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Rugged GMR25 Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio

When you start building your rig recovery gear is essential, c'mon we preach it all the time. Recovery gear just isn't winches, traction boards, straps and the like. One essential piece of recovery gear is communications! Mid-Atlantic Off-Roading has you covered exclusively with Rugged Radios®, reliable communications for every adventure you have! 

Waterproof & Rugged: Their 25-watt GMRS radio is the perfect communication solution for Jeeps, UTVs, or any other open-cab vehicle. This waterproof radio was built to take on the elements!

With a 10-12 mile range, the GMR25 instantly connects to all other GMRS radios providing even more flexibility on the trail.

Easily connect to a Rugged Radios intercom with the built-in radio cable. 


This radio works with all GMRS/FRS radios operating on the same frequencies, including but not limited to GMR45, GMR25, GMR2, and more.

GMRS License is required and easy to get!

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